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“You, doll-face. Why are you having a shitty day?”

I glared ahead. “Because you are screwing with my head. How come you keep saying things I don’t remember?”

“I told you. The Norns put a whammy on you.”


“Deities of destiny. Mean, bitter hags. They control the destiny of all beings—Mortals, Immortals, even the gods. Interestingly, I just found out why they targeted you and erased your memories.”

“Why?” Not that I believed his rambling.

“Say please.”

I was tempted to ignore him, but something weird had happened to me and I wanted answers. I eased the car into a parking spot across from my school, switched off the engine, and turned to look at Echo. He was dressed in all leather again today. I realized that what I’d assumed was a leather shirt was actually a vest of some kind. Once again, he wore fingerless gloves and silver Gothic rings with weird markings.

“Please,” I said through clenched teeth.

He touched his lips. “I want a kiss, too.”

I narrowed my eyes. “Why are you such a tool all the time? You think this is fun for me? Not remembering things? Waking up one morning and seeing souls? Ending up in a psych ward, where they pumped me full of drugs, then coming home only to be met by you, a reaper?”

“Grimnir,” he corrected then frowned. “Are those the fake memories the Norns gave you? Psych ward? That’s just wrong.”

“I was in a psych ward,” I snapped.

He raised his hands. “Okay. No need to be snippy.”

“I’m not—”

He covered my mouth then smirked when I bit his hand. I bore down until I tasted blood. He didn’t even wince. His grin broadened instead.

“Drink my blood, doll-face. Bond with me for eternity.”

The thought was scary. I pushed his hand away and wiped my mouth. “Ew. Can your blood do that?”

He laughed.

“Will you be serious for even a second?” I asked.

“Don’t you want to be mine forever?”

“Ew, no.” I made a face. “I don’t even like you.” 

Look out Torin St. James! Echo has stolen my heart with his cocky mouth and sexy swagger in this Runes series installment. There I was meeting him for the first time and I could not get enough of him and still want more! Cora was great in this book, she caught on to things pretty quickly and made an awesome heroine. Unraveling the truth one puzzle piece at a time.

Cora is desperately trying to figure out how she can be in two places at once, wondering whether or not the Norns took her memories away and what the heck Echo wants from her. All the while Echo is right up her in her personal space, running his cocky mouth and doing his best to resist the pull she has on him now. When the week before her return from PSI, it was all fun and games.

As reader and fan of hers for the past three years her writing leaves me wanting more with every book she publishes. Ednah Walters knows how to keep her readers sitting on the edge of their seats. I always want to know but never expect what's to come next and she never fails to impress me. She knows how to grab your attention from the beginning and keeps you turning the pages to the very end. I Echo!

~ Julia Hendrix @ As You Wish Reviews

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