Wednesday, April 19, 2017


CW Network asked for the rights to Runes and…  Hehehehe, kidding. They asked for a treatment and I never heard from them again after that.

So, have you ever had an opportunity to do something and you turned it down only to regret your decision later? Was it a date? A job? An opportunity to visit some place or travel? A chance to buy that one dress, or a pair of shoes, or a purse? E-mail me at and let me know.

I like to read about actors and actresses who turned down a role only to see it become iconic and regret their decision.
-Molly Ringwald turned down Pretty Woman. (Ouch!)
-Julia Roberts turned down Blindside, The Proposal, and Sleepless in Seattle. (Triple ouch, but she is still killing it)
-Michelle Pfeiffer turned down Silence of the Lambs. (Damn)
-Matt Damon turned down Avatar and Brokeback Mountain.
-Will Smith turned down The Matrix.
-Jack Nicholson turned Michael Corleone role in The GodfatherThat must hurt… 
Imagine these famous Michael lines said by Jack Nicholson? 
“I asked God for a bike, but I know God doesn't work that way. So I stole a bike and asked Him for forgiveness.” Or my favorite… 
“Fredo, you are my older brother, and I love you. But don’t ever take sides with anyone against the family. Ever.”

-Sean Connery turned down LOTR and Morpheus in The Matrix
“I got offered The Lord of the Rings, and I turned it down because I didn’t understand it. I was offered The Matrix twice, and I turned it down because I didn’t understand it. I don’t understand this movie (The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen), but I’ll be damned if I’m going to turn it down.”

So turning down a chance almost happened to me when I received an e-mail from Amazon Publishing imprint Kindle World asking me to give them the rights to the world I created in my Runes series. I was like Hell-to-the-no. Publishers left a nasty taste in my mouth, so I wasn’t doing it. Plus I had no idea what Kindle World Imprint did. I didn’t understand it. I responded with sorry, not interested.

But then I remembered Sean Connery’s response to missing out on iconic roles, and I did a little research and saw some of my favorite romance authors actually own kindle worlds. Not only that, they had some talented authors writing stories in those worlds. Just before I could eat crow and e-mail the lady back and beg her to give me a Kindle World, she e-mailed me and explained how it worked. Then she added that outside traditionally published books made into TV series like Vampire Diaries, The 100, Pretty Little Liars, Veronica Mars…, my world would the first YA world based on a YA-book series by an indie author… I was sold.

Yesterday, we launched The Runes Universe with 12 of today’s amazing indie talents. The books hit bestseller lists right away. Follow the link below to grab copies of their stories. You don’t have to read them in order because they are all unique and standalones.

I also wrote a story for my world, FATED SOULS, until I realized 3 things.


     My fans that don’t use kindle would not read the book.
2.     Fans outside the US would also not have access to the story since KW caters to US readers for now. They plan to expand to other Amazon stores.
3.     This is the start of Mystic Academy series and I have more stories to write at this school and with this couple, and I wanted them and the school to be available to authors writing in The Runes Universe. So FATED SOULS became FATED (A Mystic Academy Novella).

If you are interested in writing in Runes Universe, stop by Runes Universe page and read all about it. I uploaded files.

The second launch of Runes Universe is Nov 18th 2017. I will have 2 launches every year… That’s all I can handle. E-mail me.