Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Teaser Tuesday | Immortals #RunesSeries

Title:  Immortals
Series:  Runes [Book 2]
Length:  343 Pages
Genre:  YA Paranormal


I studied the runes Torin had just sketched. Air filled the deflated tire, then the slashes sealed. I tried to catch his eyes, but he moved to the last tire. I followed, loving the fact that I could be this close to him. I wanted more. To touch him. Kiss him. Force him to look at me again. Really look.

I cleared my throat. “What runes are you using? Air-flow-into-the-tire runes or fix-a-flat runes?”

The corners of his lips lifted into a half-smile. “More like they’d-bloody-well-stay-inflated-forever-or-else runes.”

I laughed. His British accent became stronger when he was pissed. “Do I need to take the car to the shop after this?” I asked.

“Nah. This will hold until the treads wear thin and need changing. The next person who tries to slice your tires is in for a surprise.”

I frowned. “Do you think that’s a good idea?”

“Oh yeah.” He still didn’t glance at me.

Short of grabbing his head and yanking it toward me, I had to wait. I hated the way he was acting. The old Torin had openly sought me out and got a kick out of shocking me. “They’ve already labeled me a witch. A tire that can’t deflate will only confirm it.”

“I don’t care what they think,” he snarled. “Your safety is more important.”

At least his instinct to protect me was still there. “I can’t afford to think like that, Torin. I want all this,” I indicated the car with a brief wave, “to go away.”

“It will. Mortals don’t mess with what they fear. They’ll leave you alone for a while, which is not bad.”

“Spoken like a loner.”

He grinned. “True. You should also charge more for your psychic readings for those brave enough to ask. A thousand bucks perhaps?”

“Oh, you sneaky… You eavesdropped on me?”

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