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Unveiling the new cover of Betrayed


Woohoo, I seriously don't know where to begin. I write two genres, adult contemporary romance and YA fantasy. Marketing both became such a nightmare I couldn't write, so when my super talented agent, way to go Leticia, called me with the news that she'd gotten a 4-book deal for me, I was, like, you're sh*tting me.

Anyway, to cut the narration short, I signed up with Kate Kaynak of Spencer Hill Press, the talented editor who brought you Ganzfield series and Covenant series by Jennifer Armentrout to name a few.

First, they are re-issuing Betrayed, making it available at bookstores and shopping outlets. Then I saw the new cover...I was blown away.

Awakened (the prequel)   Betrayed  (book 1)

Okay, will keep you informed.  Meanwhile, I'm busy working on Hunted, the next book in the series. Expect a booktrailer soon

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Thanks to Inspired Kathy of I AM A Reader, Not A Writer and  The Diary of a Bookworm for hosting this giveaway.

2 Winners will get:

1. Signed copies of Betrayed, book 2 of the Guardian Legacy series  
2. Buardian Legacy t-shirts                                                               
3. copies of signed bookmarks                                                          
4. copies of fridge magents (not incuded and ignore the mug)             
If you haven't heard of the Guardian Legacy series, here's the unoffical blurb of
Book 1, Awakened, and book 2, Betrayed:

AWAKENED (book 1)

Most teens turn sixteen and get the license to drive, but Lil Falcon gets the license to kill demons.

Orphaned as a child and raised by an eccentric grandfather, Lil is concerned with surviving high school and is unaware that she's a Guardian-a being with super powers charged with killing demons and protecting humanity. When she meets Bran, a mysterious boy with amazing abilities, his psi energy unlocks her latent powers.

But Bran has a secret that can ruin their growing relationship, and the truth she discovers may destroy everything she believes in unless she finds the right balance between love and sacrifice.

BETRAYED (book 2)

Lil and Bran will sacrifice everything to stay together

Lil has come to terms with her life as a Guardian/demon hunter and the wielder of the Nephilim most powerful weapon. She trains everyday to master her growing powers, gets along with her Guardian trainee friends (most of the time) and cherishes her moments with her human friends.

Just when she feels she belongs, her nature-bender father contacts her and warns her about a betrayal by someone close to her. Then Bran, the guy she loves, starts to act strange and one of her human friends acquires a supernatural ability. While Lil struggles find a connection between these three things, she begins to realize that someone is manipulating her and Bran, and will stop at nothing to lure them to the dark side

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Here's THE THIRD giveaway for this month, given in the same spirit...

3 winners will get a signed copy of Betrayed, signed bookmarks, magnets and a Betrayed tee-shirt.

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I'll leave you with an interview and picture of Bran (if you want to add him to your blog, I have a code on the left side of my blog). This interview was conducted by Carla and first appeared on Book Monster Review. Thanks for allowing me to reuse..

Carla: Hi there Bran, thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to join us here at Book Monster Reviews.  Please, have a seat.

Bran(dressed in all black straddles a chair and props his arms across the back): Carla…may I call you Carla?

Carla:  Of course.

Bran:  You understand that you can never publish this interview. 

Celeste(a girl with long, wavy black hair and emerald green eyes walks in): What did I miss?

Carla (notes the similarity between Bran and the girl): Oh, who are you?

Bran (asks at the same time): What are you doing here?

Celeste (Dressed in pink and black striped tights under her black shorts, white top and black combat boots, she shrugs, her hands deep in her front pockets): I’m Celeste, Bran’s sister. Lil asked me to sit in on the interview. You know, to make sure Bran behaves.

Bran (covers his face and groans)

Celeste (grins): So what were you guys talking about?

Carla(blinks):  Bran said I can’t publish the interview.

Celeste: Don’t listen to him. The Teen Guardians break the rules all the time.

Bran: No, they don’t and she can’t publish this interview.  As soon as we’re done here, Lil will erase all traces of this meeting from her memory.

Celeste: No, she won’t.

Bran: Yes, she will. Humans are not supposed to know about us or what we do.  If you’re recording this meeting and the High Council finds out, you will be terminated.

Celeste (rolls her eyes): Don’t listen to him.  No one is going to hurt you.  Guardians, hold human lives sacred.  In fact, their duty is to guard you against demons.  Without humans, they’d be lost, soulless beings like…like me—a demon. 

Carla (squirms):  Oh…uh….

Bran (points at Celeste): You…outside…now.

Celeste (gets up): What did I do?

Carla (sighs with relief when they disappear outside then Bran comes back alone): Where’s Celeste?

Bran (sits again): Somewhere she can’t cause mischief

Carla (blinks again):  Oh, okay.

Bran (flashes a smile, dimples flashing):  So what do you want to know?

Carla (consulting her notes, hands a little unsteady):  Could you tell us…me a little bit about yourself?

Bran:  I’m a Nephilim, a Guardian, I hunt down and vanquish demons.  My grandfather was a Cardinal Guardian with the ability to manipulate water, an ability I inherited through my father.  My mother (Bran frowns and shakes his head)…I don’t like talking about my mother, or me, for that matter.  Are you sure you don’t want to talk about Lil.  She’s more interesting.

Carla(smiles):  Maybe some other time.  This interview is about you.  You have one of the most interesting names. Do you know the story behind it?

Bran (sighs):  Do you know that most civilizations have written about us?

Carla (looks confused):  Y…eees.  But I’m the one asking questions here, not you.

Bran (cocks his right eyebrow): Okay. My father named me after Bran, son of Sea-god Llyr…Bran the Blessed…a giant of man…an honorable man.  Of course, you do know he wasn’t just an interesting figure in Celtic mythology.  He was one of us.  I think we might be related somewhere down the line.  You know, my water powers, he being son of a sea god and all.

Carla(nods):  You have very different heritage than most, what do you find is the hardest part of being you? What's the best?

Bran (frowns):  The hardest part is having my fellow Guardians look at me and see my parents.  I’m not my mother or father.  I’m me, an individual. I like to be judged by what I do and say, not who my parents were.  The best part is using my experience to help the girl I love.  Having known the dark side, I know how to avoid its seduction.  Lil has trying times ahead of her and I plan to be there for her.  

Carla:  Could you tell us what you like to do in your spare time?

Bran(winks):  Doing stuff with Lil…and train.  Demon-hunting is a full-time job, and so is being in love with a stubborn girl.  But I have several centuries to do both.  

Carla(smiling dreamily):  What's one of your favorite memories of your childhood?

Bran(shakes his head):  Learning about my heritage from my father, goofing with my brother… before things changed (Bran stops smiling), flying with Celeste.

Celeste (yells from the hallway): We had to sneak around when he flew, so no one would know he had the ability.

Bran: Ignore her. She wasn’t always this impossible.

Carla:  Your relationship with Lil is complicated, yet beautiful. What's one of your favorite things to do together?

Bran (grins again, dimples flashing):  Lil’s pretty cool, except when she decides not to listen to me, which I’m afraid is quite often.  We like to teleport to different places for lunch or dinner.  She likes the beach the best.  We’ve visited quite a few around the world.  We’ve also dined at some of the best restaurants.  (Bran laughs softly) We often don’t have reservation, but Lil’s power of persuasion makes that problem go away.

Carla:  Can you tell us anything juicy about her we don't already know?

Bran:  Oh no, I’m not going there.  She’ll kill me if I tell. 

Carla:  Come on, just one tinsy little secret.

Bran (sighs, looks up and smiles):  Okay.  You’re a very curious lady, just like Lil.  She’s very ticklish.  Whenever I tickle her she kicks and screams and promises to vanquish me.  But she never means it because afterwards we kiss and make-up.  (Bran’s grin broadened) I think that’s why I do it.  Making up is fun.

Carla (blushing):  I am not entirely sure what to think about your brother, it's clear that you love him desperately though. Can you tell us something awesome about him we might not know?

Bran (no longer smiling):  He’s very protective of Celeste.  He and I don’t agree on many things, but when it comes to her, we’re on the same page.  He’d do anything to protect her and so would I.

Carla: It’s obvious she’s a handful.

Bran: She says and does things to piss me off.

Celeste (yelling from the hallway): So not true. He’s mean and anal, and I don’t understand why Lil loves him.

Bran (sighs and stands up): She wants me to take her home. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for Lil. My sister wouldn’t be here if it weren’t Lil.

Celeste (appears in the doorway, grinning, and crosses her arms): We finally agree on something. Can we go now?

Bran (makes a face): As you can see, she’s not very patient. It’s been nice talking to you, Carla.

Carla(stands too):  Just one more question.  Can you tell us anything about what's next for the Guardians? 

Celeste (waves her hand): I can answer that.  He’ll continue obsessing over what to do about his feelings for Lil and Sykes obvious infatuation with her. Remy will continue acting as the leader of the teens until Lil is ready to take over. Izzy will try to keep peace and make sure they follow the Cardinal rules, and Kim will continue being a bitch.

Bran (glares at Celeste):  Are you done?

Celeste:  No, I’m not. Bran will also continue watching out for me and Gavyn, too. He’s the best brother any girl can ever have. Lil is very lucky to have his love.

Bran (cheeks red, sighs): Done now?

Celeste: Yep.

Bran: I’ll be out in a sec, pint.

Celeste: Quit calling me that

Bran (ignores Celeste and focuses on Carla): You asked what’s next for the Guardians, right?
Carla (nods)

Bran: We’ll continue what we always do, fight the good fight.  Personally, I’d like Lil’s father to disappear forever. I don’t like seeing her worried about what he’ll do next.  I’d like to see my brother join the Guardianship program, but I don’t see that happening any time soon.  He’s too pissed at them at the moment.  Nice chatting with you, Carla. I hope we can talk again.



Thanks, ladies for the continued support.

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Here's another giveaway, given in the same spirit...
Did I mention these giveaways will run every week until end of October and beyond. Thanksgiving is around the corner. That's how much you guys' support mean to me.

Did I ever mention that to me writing is like reading. Since I read what catches my fancy, I write what I like. More often, I listen to the voices in my head and let them take me wherever they may. That's the beauty of being an indie author. No publisher dictates what I should or should not write. As long as you readers are happy, I'll be penning these babies.

The Guardians will be facing a deadly enemy in HUNTED, an invincible one, yet they must find a way to send him back to where he came from. We'll see how it goes (below is an interview with Sykes...who doesn't love our Sykes? This interview was conducted by Kat for Page Flipperz. Thanks, Kat, for letting me share.)

Goodies up for grabs are (ignore the mug...lazy-me is recycling pictures, lol):

1 winners will get a signed copy of Betrayed, signed bookmarks,
1 winner gets a bookbag, signed bookmarks
2 winners get Betrayed tee-shirts, signed bookmarks

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I'll leave you with an interview and picture of Sykes (if you want to add him to yur blog, I have a code on the left side of my blog).


Kat walks into the room to find Sykes sprawled on her chair, feet up on her desk and eyes closed. Dressed in relaxed/ripped jeans and a gray tank top ensamble Kat had seen on a teen model on the cover of a trendy magazine, he looks like a fallen angel.

Not sure whether to wake him or not, Kat stares, wishing she were a teenager again and he was her…

Sykes (eyelids lift to reveal sparkling amber eyes): Don’t stop now. You were getting to the interesting part. I were your…?

Kat (blushes and fakes outrage): You are reading my thoughts?

Sykes (feet leaves her desk then he stands up…six-foot-two of pure muscles, eyes still twinkling): Of course. It’s the best way to pass time. Wouldn’t you do it if you had a chance?

Kat (laughs): You’re impossible.

Sykes (walks to where she stands and gives her a hug): That’s my middle name, Kat. Besides, I feel like I can be myself with you. Ednah thinks you rock.

Kat (closes her eyes and inhales…ooh, he smells so good): She does?

Sykes (steps away from her and sits on her desk): Of course. You help her tell the world about our exploits. Anyone who sticks it to the High Council and their outdated rule about keeping our existence a secret is a friend in my book.

Kat (chuckles and walks around to sit on her chair): Oh, okay. Then let’s break more rules.

Sykes (rubs his hands): Great! How about you and I run away together.

Kat (tries to give him a stern look but fails miserably): I think your friends might miss you. After all, you are a powerful Guardian.

Sykes (cocks his brow):  Who cares about being a Guardian when we can be with someone you love.

Kat (blows out air): Okay, enough with the flirting. Let’s get down to business.

Sykes (eyes narrows): Have you been talking to Lil?

Kat: No. Why?

Sykes: She uses that same tone when she wants me to do something. (sighs dramatically then gets off
the table and takes the chair across from Kat). Okay, I’m all yours. No, I could have been if you were adventurous, but since you choose to be difficult, we’ll do things your way. Ask me anything.

Kat: First, would you like something to drink…tea, soda, coffee. Name your poison.

Sykes (gives her a slow smile): Pretty women, so I’m good.

Kat (blushes again): You know we won’t get this interview done if you keep flirting with me. Lil won’t like it if we don’t do this.

Sykes (gives her a censoring look): Okay. Fine. I’ll behave.

Kat: She’s your Achilles’ heel, isn’t she?

Sykes (shakes his head): No comment. Next question.

Kat (picks up a paper from her desk and glances at it):  How does it feel to be a Guardian?

Sykes: Great! Train till you drop, live for hundreds of years, no worries about money and kick demons’ asses…I can’t imagine doing anything better. No, I can, but I need a willing woman.

Kat (shakes her head):  What’s the coolest thing about your powers?

 Sykes (raises his right hand and a blue energy ball the size of a soccer ball materializes. He grins at Kat):  What do you think?

Kat: I think you’re amazing.

Sykes (smirks): I can make it bigger if you like. Bigger is better, right?

Kat (giggles): No, that’s fine. Let’s talk about Lil. She has all the abilities of a great guardian, and her powers are stronger than all of you guys’ combined. Does this bother you at all? (Raise her eyebrows) Maybe even scare you a little?

Sykes (grins): No, I think powerful women are hot, so she doesn’t scare me. Also, Lil is very caring and would never hurt anyone, not deliberately.

Kat: What do you think about the demons loyal to her? Are you worried?

Sykes (shakes his head): I’m not because if they step out of line, she’ll blast them straight to Tartarus. You have to see her battle to realize she takes no crap from demons.

Kat: We know you like her. A lot. Can you tell us more about your feelings for her?

Sykes (grins): Who wouldn’t be attracted to Lil? She’s awesome, gorgeous and powerful.  Even Remy would have gone after her, but I told him she was mine the moment we met. I didn’t know about Bran at the time. (The smile disappears from his face, eyes become dull). He doesn’t deserve her.

Kat (sighs): What would you tell her if you had a chance?

Sykes (stares at the ceiling then at Kat, his expression serious): I’d never make her shed a single tear or give her a reason to worry. (shudders). Enough with morbid topics. Ask me something fun.

Kat: Why do you like to piss off Bran when you can just ignore him?

Sykes (smirks): Because it’s fun. I like to remind him I will be there for Lil when she kicks him out.

Kat: Do you think that will ever happen?

Sykes:  Oh yeah. I have a whole team of people rooting for me. Are you on my team?

Kat: Of course.  What do you think about your group of guardians?

Sykes: The best team ever. Remy may be anal but he’s a great strategist. I’m not his number one fan, but Bran is more experienced than us and is great during a battle. Izzy and Kim are awesome too, and hot.

Kat: Would you date either of them?

Sykes (shudders): Jeez no.

Kat (laughing): Why not?

Sykes (shudders): They have too much attitude, and are so mouthy.

Kat: Your favorite pastimes?

Sykes: Fight demons…video games…hooking up. Not necessarily in that order.

Kat: Favorite video game?

Sykes: Halo, Call of Duty

Kat: Favorite Food?

Sykes: Pasta.

Kat: Favorite TV series?

Sykes: Don’t have time, but I catch Supernatural now and then. Funny series. They have a few facts straight.

Kat: Music

Sykes (sticks out a leg and pretends to play a guitar while nodding his head): Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Ac/dc…classic rock all the way.

Kat: How long do you think the feud between demons and Guardians will last?

Sykes: Eternity, unless the powers-that-be decides enough is enough. I don’t mind. I’d rather go out smoking a demon or… (winks)… hooking up with a beautiful woman. Then there’s always the chance that Lil will come through and fulfill her destiny.

Kat(laughing and gets up): I hope so, because we’re stuck right in the middle of your war. Thank you for this wonderful interview. We should do it again.

Sykes (jumps to his feet): Yes, let’s. (Walks to her side and gives her another hug) Remember, I’m available if you ever decide to be adventurous.

Kat grins, as he steps away from her. He salutes then teleports.

Winner of OCTOBEFEST Giveaway one

Thanks, ladies for the continued support.

Congrats to....drum roll please


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Don't ask me how I forgot, but this post was supposed to have gone up yesterday. My birthday is in October (18th...go Librans), so this month is extra special to me. To celebrate, I plan on saying THANK YOU to my fans the best way I know how, by hosting a giveaway every week.

I'll be participating in a Halloween Blog Hop later this month, but until then some lucky reader with get some fun goodies.

First week asigned copy of BETRAYED and a book bag

1.  Post your name below.

2. If you make the effort to spread the word about the giveaway (FB, Tweet, blog, GR), I'll appreciate that, so leave your links in your post

Contest is International
Giveaway ends Saturday night.
Winner will be announced on Sunday, and on Monday, another giveaway.
Woohoo, wouldn't write without you.

I'll leave you with this scene from BETRAYED:

Lil and Bran’s Tender Moment

I gasped when Bran scooped me up in one clean swoop, one arm behind me and the other under my knees. “What are you doing?”
“Distracting you.” He sat on my chair and settled me on his lap. “When are you going to be done?”
Bran peered over my shoulder as I typed, his warm breath brushing the side of my face. Mmm. Minty. I wanted to turn my head and kiss him, but I knew I wouldn’t want to stop and I needed to finish my homework. His energy caressed mine and I caught my breath. It was so hard to resist him, especially when I knew how badly he wanted to kiss me.
“I can type faster than that,” he whispered.
“Show off.”
“Just stating a fact. You can link with me and tell me what to write. Oops, spelling error there,” he teased.
I ignored him, finished the last sentence, and clicked save. Scrolling to the top of the page, I reviewed the finished report.
“Hmm, the opening paragraph is pretty good,” he said, lifting hair from my nape to plant a kiss there.
The snappy retort I planned died when I looked at him over my shoulder. His wolfish smile dared me to seize the moment. I wanted to send him away until I completed my work, but his smoldering emerald eyes kept me rooted. Turning slightly, I leaned forward to taste his lips.
He took over, forking his fingers through my hair to grip the back of my head. Homework ceased to matter. Worries about the mediums flew out the window and into the cold night. His energy and scent wrapped around me like a cocoon. I wound my arms around his neck and savored the taste of him, the feel of him.
One second we were trying to be as close as physically possible with our clothes on, the next my back connected with the soft cover of my duvet. He’d teleported us to bed.
I giggled, tugging him down. Our legs and arms tangled, lips dueled. We rolled across the bed then fell off, landing on the carpeted floor with a thud. I squealed and started to laugh, but one look at Bran and my laughter died a quick death.
He rolled back to his knees. Fire burned in his eyes. My floral yellow pajama bottoms and tank top, the navy blue robe and matching fuzzy slippers were nothing to brag about, yet the look in his eyes said I was the sexiest girl he’d ever seen.
Kiss me, I telepathed him.
Always impatient. He ran a finger down my neck and paused at the neckline of my pajama top.
My breath stalled, heart pounding with excitement. Knowing exactly how he felt about me, what he wished we could be doing drove me more than a little crazy. Despite the promise he made Grampa, I wanted to fly with him and visit unknown territories. Maybe the meeting at HQ spooked him or something, but his thoughts matched mine.
Everything else became blurred as I focused on Bran’s gorgeous face. I wrapped my fingers through his, loving the feel of his large hands against my slender ones, loving the way his needs mingled with mine. My nerves wound tighter than a finely tuned musical instrument.
My eyes widened when pain shot from him and slammed into me. He appeared to fold into himself.