Monday, April 30, 2012

Spring Fling Give@way H.0.P

Spring Fling Giveaway Hop
May 1st - 7th
Enter for a chance to win swags:
Betrayed Mousepad and a Guardian Lagacy T-shirt, Betrayed bookmarks and fridge magnets (not included)

To Enter:

2. Follow my blog AND leave a comment, including e-mail
3. 2. follow me on Twitter

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Congrats! Showers of Books

Rafflecopter has chosen a winner.
Congrats to

1.  Wanda L. Flannagan

I'll need your address, so e-mail me

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Thursday, April 19, 2012


Thanks to Kathy @ I Am a Reader Not a Write and Young A Day YA for hosting this hop.
I will be giving away a copy of Betrayed, my YA fantasy (release date June 5th), along with swags.

 What is Betrayed about? 
  • It is about a teenage girl who is balancing her human life with her supernatural duty while trying to protect herself and those she cares about from an evil enemy.
  • It is about the Nephilim, Guardians, part angel and part human protecting us from demons.
  • It is about leading a double life, love, family, and friendship.

Contest is International
One Winner Will Get:
1. A copy of Betrayed from Book Depository
2. Swags----a Betrayed T-shirt, bookmarks, fridge magnet and pen (See Pictures Below).


1. Follow my blog...leave a comment and let me know what you think about Sykes
2. Head to BETRAYED PAGE, on FB, meet Bran and leave a comment on that post too.


use the rafflecopter below.

“What exactly do you have in common with a bunch of girls who worry more about fashion and the next episode of some contrived reality TV drama?”
“A lot. Just like Bran and I do,” I added and gave Sykes a beatific smile, knowing he hated hearing about my boyfriend.
He narrowed his eyes. “Trying to make me jealous, Red?”
 “Is it working?” This time, I succeeded in pushing his arm away.
He made a face. “I still don’t get what Bran Llyr has that I don’t.”
“He sprouts wings.” I wiggled my brow. “Massive, gorgeous wings.”
“Big whoop. He’s still anal, arrogant, a cheesy dresser...”
Sykes continued to list more things he considered wrong with my boyfriend, which were all ridiculous. Bran was amazing. We were alrunes, soul-mates, the yin and the yang.
 “And he has no sense of humor whatsoever,” Sykes finished with a smirk.
I laughed. “Because he doesn’t laugh at your lame jokes?”
“Lame jokes? I’m charming, witty. Ask any one of my girlfriends. He thinks I’m a threat. He knows you like me.” He tugged on a curly lock of my hair.
I pushed his hand away. “Quit messing with me.”
“You like me, Red,” he said in a sing-song tone.
Okay, so it was true that Sykes was charming and funny. He was your typical high school hottie—carefree, handsome, long blond hair, scruffily dressed in ripped jeans and tees to downplay his good looks, so girls wouldn’t be all over him. His words, not mine. But he wasn’t the only guy around that was gorgeous. Most Guardians were...

MEET BRAN, and leave a comment.


Monday, April 16, 2012

Small Blogs, Big Dreams H.0.P

I've been invited to particpate in this hop, thanks, Catie of Forbidden Passion Reviews and Walking on Bookshelves.

 I'm giving away an ARC of Betrayed and swags to one lucky winner:


1. ARC of Betrayed

2. Two Signed Bookmarks

3. Three Fridge magnets


1. Follow my blog and leave a comment
2. Join Betrayed Fanpage on Facebook and tell me your number once you get there.


The linky is

Friday, April 13, 2012

Congrats!!! Hoppy Easter H.0.P

Rafflecopter has chosen the winners, ladies.
Congrats to the following:

1.  Lauren Terry Mackesy
2.  Nata ArtisaDonna

I'll need your addresses, so e-mail me

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Thursday, April 5, 2012


It is that time of the year when we celebrate spring and life. Thanks to Kathy @ I Am a Reader Not a Write and Yara @ Once Upon A Twilight for hosting this giveaway.

Once again, I'm giving away a copy of Betrayed, a Guardian Legacy book. To celebrate, I've swags galore and will offer two winners the following:

First price:
1. Copy of Betrayed
2. Two Signed Bookmarks
3. Three Fridge magnets
4. Betrayed Pen

Second price:
1. Mousepad
2. Two Signed Bookmarks
3. Three Fridge magnets
4. Betrayed Pen

fridge magnets



Sorry no picture of bookmarks (my camera is acting up)


To enter (US only)

USE the Rafflecopter below (sometimes it acts up), Leave a "Happy Easter" comment on the FB page so I can meet and welcome you (TIA)

1. Stop by the Guardian Legacy Series fanpage on FB and leave a comment. (Mandatory)
2. Follow my blog (optional).
3.Follow me on twitter (optional)