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We headed toward the lockers. Cora talked nonstop about the people she’d helped over the weekend, but she was careful not to mention the word ‘soul’. There were rules for Immortals and Valkyries, but the number was anonymity. Mortals were not supposed to know about our world.

Now that the swim season was over, Cora was working a few times a week and Saturdays at hospitals and nursing homes. Six months ago, she’d insisted that working for the Habitat for Humanity was enough community services to impress any college application committees. Nursing homes and hospitals were going to write her a glowing recommendation for the time she spent with patients.

Me? I didn’t think any college admin would ever know I’d saved lives. I couldn’t explain the things I’d done.

Torin disappeared toward his locker, while Cora and I headed toward ours. I was putting my books away when a sliver of awareness shot up my spine. I associated that sizzle with the Norns, except this time was different.

Someone was humming a tune. The song was familiar but I couldn’t place it. I tried to find the source. Heart pounding, I turned and searched for the source. I couldn’t tell where it came from or explain why the hairs on my neck rose.

Cora slammed the door of her locker and yanked my attention. I grabbed my folder and the books for my morning classes, and followed her. Torin met us in the middle of the hallway.

One look at me and he asked, “What’s wrong?”

I squeezed his hand. He knew what that meant: wait.

“See you at lunch,” Cora said and took off toward her English class. Torin and I headed upstairs toward the math floor. His jock buddies followed us like he was a magnet. Someone was throwing a party on Friday. Another had a birthday party or was it dinner? One wanted him to join Lacrosse.

We lost them a door away from my math class and I heard it again. The same song was being hummed again. This time I recognized the tune from last night during my vision, or whatever it was. I turned and searched the students hurrying past us. The sound rose above the conversations and the laughter. Was I the only one hearing it?

Torin caught my hand. “Hey? What’s going on?”

“Can’t you hear it?” The person was using words now. Not English.

“Hear what?”

“The song.” I didn’t understand the words, but the song was sweet and soothing, like a lullaby. I cocked my eyebrows at Torin. “It’s beautiful, isn’t it?”

Torin shook his head. “I, uh, can’t hear anything other than the noise from the students.” The first bell rang. “And the bell.”

The song disappeared, drowned by the bell or the singer decided to stop. “You didn’t hear that haunting music?”

He frowned. “No. You sure you’re okay?”

“Yeah, or I’m hallucinating.” I didn’t tell him it was the song I’d heard last night during my vision or he’d start worrying. “Let’s go.”

We entered the class just ahead of Mrs. Bates. Torin’s seat was right behind mine. When I glanced back, he was still frowning. I shouldn’t have mentioned the song.

“I’m fine,” I mouthed.

His expression said he didn’t believe me. For the rest of the class, my thoughts kept drifting to what I’d heard and what it meant.
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Distracted by Torin TOMORROW! #RunesSeries #Seeress @EdnahWalters

Coming April 28th
Runes Series: Book 3

“We’re lucky, aren’t we?” Cora said.

I looped an arm around hers. “Why?”

“Our men have the sexiest asses in the entire universe.”

Trust Cora to say something raunchy. “You’re not lusting after mine, are you?”

She laughed. “Looking, Raine. I’m in love, not blind, but I leave the puppy dog drooling to you. And quit pretending you weren’t checking out my man too. I saw you.”

I laughed. “Let’s go before the bell rings. Torin can be late and get away with it.”

“That’s because he has no problem runing teachers and anyone to get his way while you’re chicken.”

“Cautious, smarty pants. Not the same thing.” We started across the street, but the guys ran to catch up.

“We should let them walk in front of us for better view,” Cora said.

“Better view of what?” Torin asked, coming behind me and putting an around my shoulders.

“Your asses,” Cora said, slipped a hand inside Echo’s back pocket. “We happen to like them.”

My face warmed. Did she have to be so loud? A few girls walking past us giggled.

She threw Torin a glance. “She tries to be subtle, but I know my girl wants you something bad,” Cora added and Echo laughed.

I vowed to smother her when she was asleep and send her soul straight to Hel’s Hall. Unfortunately, that was her man’s home and he’d probably rescue her.

“You’re not subtle, are you, luv?” Torin whispered. “Should I tell her how you—”

I covered his mouth, left Echo and Cora saying their goodbyes at the entrance, and went inside. A blushing Cora caught up with us in the hall, where Torin’s fans waited. He had made history when our football team won state and was considered the golden boy. The darling of Kayville high. I was basking in his glory. The stares from the other students didn’t bother me anymore.

I’d never cared about being popular, but I’d be lying if I said I hated it. Now I understood why girls clawed their way to the top of the social ladder in high school. The attention was addictive. I didn’t even mind the adoring female fans with envious glances.

Okay, that was a stretch. My fingers tightened on the back of Torin’s shirt and I sunk against his side. His arm tightened around my shoulder.

Yeah, back off, piranhas.

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Snuggle with Torin in 2 DAYS! #RunesSeries #Seeress @EdnahWalters

Coming April 28th
Runes Series: Book 3

He winked at me. “Hey, Völva. Why are you with the Valkyries when you could be running on the wild side with us?”

“I’m neutral, Echo. But if I were to choose, I’d be on the humans side.”

Echo smirked. “Uh, the losing side?”

Cora stepped from Echo’s arms. She looked radiant as usual. Hair perfectly curled. Makeup flawless. We hugged.

“Sorry I was MIA over the weekend. Echo hid my phone.”

And she said that while grinning? The girl I knew didn’t take crap from any guy, not even one she was nuts about. “And you let him?”

Cora grinned. “He was being protective and he’s adorable when he shifts into a protective mode.”

Was she serious? Torin was unbearable when it came to protecting me. Made me want to scream.

“I spent Saturday on soul duty,” Cora continued. “I crashed afterwards and didn’t wake up until yesterday afternoon. He was pissed I’d overdone it. Mom thought I was coming down with something and insisted I stay in bed.” She turned and I followed her gaze to Echo. “I didn’t mind.”

I’d bet. Echo and Torin were having an intense conversation by the Harley. Girls walking past turned and stared at them. Seeing the two of them together showed just how different, yet alike they were. They were both tall and in amazing shape. Maybe it was the way they carried themselves, confident and cocky. Whatever it was, it gave them a magnetic aura no woman could resist. But that was where their similarities ended.

Torin had a refinedness that made him slip in and out of any situation, fool anyone that he was just another pretty face, yet in a fraction of a second, turn feral to protect those he loved. Echo, on the other hand, was the kind of guy you met in a crowded room and warning signals went off to run in the opposite direction. Cora had chosen to run toward him instead.

Today, he almost looked like a normal guy in black jeans and a matching T-shirt under his duster. Usually, he preferred leather pants, vest and sailor shirts. So last century. The Druid rings were an on and off thing, but the fingerless gloves, like Torin’s, were on all the time. I didn’t know what that was about.

Torin rocked whatever he wore. The black boots and leather jacket was all kind of sexy, and I loved the way his jeans hung perfectly. If I had to choose between jeans and sweats, sweats won hands down.

Cover Reveal | Shattering The Damned by Princess Racena McConnell @PrmTjm1981

 Title: Shattering The Damned
Series: Secrets of the Mystic: Book 2
Author: Princess Racena McConell
Genre:  Paranormal Romance
Expected Released:  Mid Summer
Presented by: As You Wish Tours


With their lives forever changed, where will Rachel and Derek go from here? After uncovering many of the secrets from their pasts and learning about the lineage that linked them together long ago, the mystical lovers will face unimaginable challenges.

An ancient evil—driven to destroy the miracle their love has created—will use everything and anyone it deems viable to help carry out the task. Shortly after their honeymoon, the two lovers set out to find others of their kind who are appointed to help them further discover exactly who—and what—they are, and to uncover the powers that lie within. Will the two have no choice but to leave their old lives behind in order to protect what they hold dear, or will all that they love be sacrificed in the battle between what once was and what will come to be?

Princess Racena McConnell (who has never and will never go by her first name) was born in Kings Mountain NC and now resides in the busy little town of Summerville SC with her husband of 32 years. She is the mother of 3 and grandmother to 4 with a 5th one on the way! "Promises In The Dark"; her debut novel—is part 1 of a story that has been in her mind for many years, and finally had to be told! She enjoys spending time with her family, and is so thankful they all live within 20 minutes! She also enjoys reading, writing and anything horror related. Her dream is to someday see her books splashed across silver screen!

Author Links

Promises In The Dark 
Secrets of the Mystic: Book 1
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Love Torin in 3 DAYS! #RunesSeries #Seeress @EdnahWalters

Coming April 28th
Runes Series: Book 3

Cora and her boyfriend Echo were making out by her car when we pulled up. The two never failed to make me smile. Psycho Maliina had used her Norn powers to completely mimic Cora and fooled us for weeks. We didn’t know Cora had been admitted to a psyche ward during those weeks because Maliina had marked her with some jerked up runes and she could see souls. Like any sane person, Cora had thought she was seeing ghosts and going crazy. Meeting Echo had changed her perception of things.

“Come on,” Torin said, wanting us to leave the couple alone.

I dug my heels in. “I want to talk to Cora.”

Torin sighed. “I don’t want to deal with him this early in the morning.”

I thought they’d made up, but I supposed a few months of working together hadn’t made up for centuries of bad blood. Grimnirs like Echo reaped for Hel and had a long history of stealing souls bound for Valhalla.

“You two need to make up. Cora is still my best friend.”

“I am your best friend,” he said firmly, hand slipping around my waist.

I gave him a look over my shoulder and teased, “I don’t know. She’s my best girlfriend, but Eirik… Now that is best friend material.” My voice cracked. “You’re just a glorified Valkyrie… my boyfriend.”

Blue flames leaped in his eyes. He leaned down and whispered in my ear, “Boyfriend, love of your life, guinea pig for naughty fantasies and—”

“Shut up.” Just like that, he’d deliberately distracted me from my worries about Eirik. He had uncanny way of reading me.

“I’m not complaining, you understand,” he added. “Just want to make sure you recognize my awesomeness.”

“Oh, I recognize alright.” I bumped him with my hip. “Your arrogance.”

“We were having a moment here, you two,” Echo griped and we looked their way. Cora waved from the confine of his arms. Despite his voice, Echo didn’t look angry and his eyes had that weird intensity that made it hard to tell whether he was angry or teasing.

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Glimpse Torin in 4 DAYS! #RunesSeries #Seeress @EdnahWalters

Coming April 28th
Runes Series: Book 3

While the others could open portals to just about anywhere they’d ever visited, I tended to use people as locator. I visualized Torin and the portal opened to reveal the mansion’s hallway. I followed their laughter to the kitchen.

Torin was by the stove while the others sat around the counter eating. The aroma of mouth-watering breakfast wafted in the air. It was cute how he still took care of them despite living elsewhere. That was the kind of guy he was, and the others, consciously or not, always deferred to him.

He’d changed into my favorite blue polo shirt. It made his eyes pop, hugged his masculine arms, and fitted snuggly across his broad chest. He gave me a slow, wicked smile. His eyes said he liked what I was wearing. Warmth crept up my cheeks.

We’d been dating for about five months, give or take a few weeks, and he still took my breath away. He was the only guy with the power to make me blush with a look.

“Is that your breakfast?” he asked.

I glanced at my pitifully dry waffles. “Yep. One-eighty calories of pure goodness.”

“Come here,” he said and reached up for another plate, his shirt riding up to give me a teasing glimpse of his rock hard abs. He served the remaining sausage and potatoes breakfast skillet into two plates and we joined the others.

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Rescue Torin in 5 DAYS! #RunesSeries #Seeress @EdnahWalters

Coming April 28th
Runes Series: Book 3

“Breakfast is on the stove,” Femi called from the foot of the stairs when she saw me. She was on her way to Dad’s room with a tray.

“Thanks. Is he up?”

“Yes.” She pushed the door with her shoulder. “Stop by before you leave.”

In other words, he wasn’t ready for company. Femi meant well. She was overprotective of Dad and only allowed me to see him when he was at his best. Most of the time, I didn’t mind. But after last night, I really wanted to see if he was ok.

I wasn’t in the mood for eggs. I dropped frozen waffles in the toaster and finished my drink. Outside, the sun was warming our yard. I wondered how long that was going to last. Six more weeks of school then summer break and my eighteenth birthday. I couldn’t wait.

I had a lot planned for my birthday. For now, I was taking it one day at a time. Dealing with Norns had been rough, but hopefully they were gone. For now anyway. I was under the protection of the gods. All because I would foresee the beginning of Ragnarok, the battle between the gods and the giants, the flooding and destruction of the worlds. It sounded all too surreal. Me, a mere seventeen year old would foresee the exact moment the world ended.

“He’s ready now,” Femi called out, snapping me out of my day dream. I left my bags at the entrance of the portal and went to see Dad. He was listening to an audio book.

“Morning, Daddy. What are you listening to?”

“The book we forgot to read last night.”

“We can continue after school.” He patted my hand and I froze. Funny how a small thing as a touch could mean so much. I smiled and turned my hand to grip his.

“Can you run by the shop after school and see how things are going?” he asked.


“And, uh, ask Jared about tax forms and the inventory. I know it’s asking a lot—”

“It’s okay. I can handle it.” I pressed a kiss on his cheek. “Love you.”

“Same here, kiddo.”

I left his room, grabbed my things and engaged my runes. The runes on the frame responded and the mirror became grainy. “See you later, Femi.”

She blew me a kiss. “Have fun, doll.”

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Wake up to Torin in 6 DAYS! #RunesSeries #Seeress @EdnahWalters

Coming April 28th
Runes Series: Book 3

“Good morning, Freckles,” Torin whispered against my lips, his hand slipping lower.

“Behave,” I warned, grabbed his hand and brought it back to my waist. He chuckled, the sound sexy.

“You scratch and I scratch back.”

Now he was putting ideas in my head. “Sounds fair.”

“I love it when you agree with me.” He planted a kiss on my nose. “Last night must have been great. You had a smile on your face earlier when I stopped by.”

“Watching me sleep is creepy.”

“I like creepy, but I hate this new sleeping arrangement.”

Me too. We’d agreed on brief goodnight and morning kisses while Mom was gone. No sleepovers. No risking things getting out of hand. Mom was my chastity belt, her impeccable timing just when things got interesting never failed to amaze me.

In one smooth move, he rolled us over, so he was on top. “Tell me about last night.”

Was he serious? I couldn’t think. “I, uh… uh…”

“Breathe, Freckles,” he whispered.

Stinker. “I had Dad back and it was great, but we lost to the Grizzlies. A win would have made the night perfect.”

“I’m sure having you there made it memorable for him.” After another long kiss, Torin shifted. Cool air rushed in to replace him and I shivered. “Come over to the mansion when you’re ready. I need to see Blaine about something.”

“Is everything okay?”

“He wants to move out, but I want him to stay. We have to stick together despite our petty differences. He’s an asset I don’t want to lose.” He ran a finger along my nose and stood.

Once he left, I sipped the coffee and smiled. It was scary how he knew what I liked. He paid attention to details. One of his many loveable qualities. The ding of my phone greeted me when I left the shower.

Cora. I texted her back, then got ready as fast as I could.

FAIRY TALE HOPP: Norse Tales of Valkyries, Gods and Goddesses come to life in the RUNES series by @ednahwalters

Fairy Tale Hop
This hop is in conjunction with the 4th annual Fairy Tale Fortnight.
Fairy Tale Giveaway Hop
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April 22nd to May 3rd

What is a FAIRY TALE: a story about magical and imaginary beings and lands. And that is what I write. Norse Fairy Tales. Magical beings and lands. Asgard and Muspell, Valhalla and Hel.
Join us on FACEBOOK as we celebrate the release of Seeress next week on the 28th of April.
I love Torin St. James...
I need his strength…
But someone from his past wants me dead...
Raine Cooper is certain of two things: her love for Torin St. James and her destiny to be a powerful seeress. But when she starts having premonitions, they are unclear and disturbing. Worse, they involve Torin. With her mother gone, her father dying, and her best friend in Hel, she is not sure who to talk to. 
But when the visions become more personal and she foresees her future with Torin threatened by someone from his past, Raine becomes desperate for answers. Just her luck two new students arrive at her school and they seem to have answers. When with them, her powers are enhanced and her visions become clear. There is only one problem: Torin forbids Raine to see the two girls.
Can their love survive without trust?


“I plan to be her RA and TA," Torin said. "Then we’ll start working on our basketball team.”
“Basketball team?” Cora asked.
Torin gave me a slow grin. I knew that smile too well. He was about to say something naughty. “The number of children I want,” he said.
I choked on my drink. Where the heck did that come from? He had the nerve to pat my back and whisper, “You okay, luv?”
I wanted to neuter him. We hadn’t even talked about college, let alone marriage and kids. I assumed he planned to propose and wait for my response before I started popping out those babies. Babies. With Torin. The thought was mind boggling.
“Don’t worry, we’ll have a couple of centuries to practice and fulfill all my other fantasies before we start,” he added.
My face, I was sure, was as red as the jewelry I’d borrowed from Mom’s box. I couldn’t come up with a response, so I stared at the flickering candle light and plotted his slow demise. Would he haunt me if I decapitated him? Probably.
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Check out Torin in 7 DAYS! #RunesSeries #Seeress @EdnahWalters

 Coming April 28th
Runes Series: Book 3

My throat felt funny from all the yelling the next morning. Last night, Dad had acted like his old self, bringing back memories. He and Eirik used to watch games and yell at players. Eirik…

I missed him. Worried about him. I tried not to, but I couldn’t help myself. I didn’t care that he’d chosen to visit his parents in Hel. The fact remained it had been months and we still hadn’t heard from him.

But worrying about him wasn’t going to bring him back.

I jumped up and walked to the window. Torin was in his kitchen. He was shirtless. Those abs. That sculptured, endless chest. There out to be a law against men like him and sweatpants that hang so low they bordered on indecency. He reached down and scratched his butt.

I giggled. Only Torin could look hot doing that.

He disappeared from the window. Dang it. He was supposed to glance out the window and check on me first. Now I wasn’t going to get my morning coffee.

I turned to head to the shower and he walked through the portal shirtless and barefoot. He had the sexiest feet ever. I ogled him a little. Okay, a lot.

“You continue with that and I’ll forget your mom is not here?” he warned, putting the cup on my dresser.

I braced myself against his chest, went on my toes and kissed him. I couldn’t help what I did next. I scratch his butt. “Still itchy?”

He chuckled, wrapping an arm around my waist. “I knew you were checking me out, you perv.”

“How? Your back was to me.”

“I have lustful-eyes-on-me radar.” My feet left the floor as his lips claimed mine in a kiss that shot from warm to scorching in warp speed. Then we were rolling on the bed. I did what any sane girl would do when met with a force beyond her control. I soaked it all in and clung.

He tasted amazing. Coffee, vanilla, and stomach-curling goodness. He rolled again so I was on top. He knew how I loved that. My thick hair formed a curtain around us. He loved that.

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Hoppy Easter Eggstravaganza: New Release in the Runes Series, SEERESS

4th Annual Hoppy Easter Eggstravaganza Giveaway Hop
April 17th to 24th

Hosted by I Am A Reader, Not A Writer & Read Now Sleep Later
I'm thrilled to announce the upcoming release of SEERESS, the third instalment in the RUNES series. You can start reading this series by winning a copy of Runes (See Below).
FYI: I have a book (GRIMNIRS) that bridges IMMORTALS (book #2) and SEERESS (book #3).
Because of the ocassional swearing and intense kissing/love scenes in Grimnirs, I plan to release a CLEAN version at the same time as SEERESS

Join us on FACEBOOK as we celebrate the release of Seeress.


“Apologize first.”

“Torin, this is not the time to play games.”

“Who said I’m playing.” He braced himself on the door frame and lowered his head until he and I were on the same eye level. “You told me to stay away from you. Unforgiveable. You implied our relationship might not survive. Totally wrong and cruel. But the worst part, you said your feelings for me made you weak.” His eyebrows shot up. “Weak? Seriously? What in Hel’s Mist does that mean?”

He was serious. “Are you forgetting what happened before I said those things?”

“So no apology?”

“No.” I was dying to, but he had to understand I wasn’t a breakable doll.

He stepped back and slammed the door in my face.

My jaw dropped. No, he didn’t. That arrogant man didn’t just do that. I turned to walk downstairs, so angry I wanted to chuck something. Halfway down the stairs, I stopped and glared at my phone, wishing I could send him a nasty text. Too bad he wouldn’t see it.

I stomped back.

When I burst into his room, he was waiting. His eyes said he’d known I’d be back.
“Let me tell you exactly what I think of your tantrum, Valkyrie.

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Promotional Event | **FREE** Stepping Off A Cliff by Doug Dillon @Doug__Dillon

Title:  Stepping Off A Cliff
Author:  Doug Dillon
The St. Augustine Trilogy: Book II
Length:  321 Pages
Genre: YA Paranormal
Released:  Nov. 29, 2013


“Mr. Lobo, sir.” Carla interrupted him, with just a hint of sarcasm. “Could you please cut the meteorology report and one of you two tell me about your little walk?” She fired a quick glance at me and went back to eyeballing Lobo.

I loved it how she emphasized the word Mr., just the way Lobo had addressed me when I first met him—Mr. Golden.

His eyes glittering, Lobo crammed half a pizza slice into his mouth instead of responding immediately. Chewing slowly, just to teach her a lesson, I was sure, his gaze never wavered even when he grabbed his bottle of beer and washed down that last bit of food.

Arms crossed in front of her, Carla stared back at him with arched eyebrows, waiting for her answer.

“Patience, young lady, patience,” Lobo growled as he wiped his lips with a napkin. At the words, “young lady,” Carla’s jaw muscles tightened and she fixed him with a smoldering stare of her own. She hates it when adults call her that.

“I’ll tell you,” I said, also getting tired of Lobo’s delaying, lesson-teaching tactics. So for the next fifteen or twenty minutes as we continued to eat, and with Lobo eventually helping, I told her about the walk he and I had taken. So between the two of us, she got it all—Lobo’s statement about Mom’s visit as a warning, his sense of a coming and possibly dangerous event, the visit to my old house, the dragonflies up on San Marco and lastly, my experience with Frozen Time.

As we finished, she looked at me in disbelief, her eyes wide. “Frozen Time? It was you who did that? On the battlefield back in December?” Her expression seemed to say, “My, my, look at you.”

“Jeff’s ability to freeze time and your ability to manipulate matter and energy,” Lobo told Carla, “might well be needed if indeed this warning by Jeff’s mother proves valid.”

“Lobo,” Carla said. “You keep talking about this warning from Jeff’s mom combined with your own perceptions about an event that could occur, but you won’t tell us what you know. Come on! The more we understand, the better prepared we’ll be.”

You go, girl! She was so on target.

About the Author
A former award-winning educator, Doug writes about things paranormal and historical. His interest in the paranormal comes from personal experiences as detailed in the nonfiction adult book he and wife wrote titled, AN EXPLOSION OF BEING: AN AMERICAN FAMILY'S JOURNEY INTO THE PSYCHIC. Out of those events and extensive historical research, he created SLIDING BENEATH THE SURFACE for young adults, Book I of the St. Augustine Trilogy. Doug set his trilogy in the oldest and most haunted city in the United States, St. Augustine, Florida not only for those reasons, but also because it's his favorite place to visit. Books II and III of the trilogy are on the way.

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Tour Stop | Stepping Off A Cliff by Doug Dillon @Doug__Dillon

Title:  Stepping Off A Cliff
Author:  Doug Dillon
The St. Augustine Trilogy: Book II
Length:  321 Pages
Genre: YA Paranormal
Released:  Nov. 29, 2013


An otherworldly, evil and dangerous force infests America’s oldest and most haunted city, St. Augustine, Florida. Everyone living there, or visiting, is at risk in ways too horrible to imagine.

Standing between this invader and the people of St. Augustine are teenagers Jeff and Carla, the mysterious Native American shaman, Lobo, and Lyle, the homeless guy.

In their quest to save themselves and all the inhabitants of this ancient Florida city, Jeff and Carla uncover lost parts of St. Augustine history, push past the limits of space and time, and come face-to-face with what they come to realize are the true walking dead.

Book Trailer by Book Dragon Designs

About the Author
A former award-winning educator, Doug writes about things paranormal and historical. His interest in the paranormal comes from personal experiences as detailed in the nonfiction adult book he and wife wrote titled, AN EXPLOSION OF BEING: AN AMERICAN FAMILY'S JOURNEY INTO THE PSYCHIC. Out of those events and extensive historical research, he created SLIDING BENEATH THE SURFACE for young adults, Book I of the St. Augustine Trilogy. Doug set his trilogy in the oldest and most haunted city in the United States, St. Augustine, Florida not only for those reasons, but also because it's his favorite place to visit. Books II and III of the trilogy are on the way.

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Cover Reveal | The Davidson Case: Book 3 by Julie C. Gilbert @AuthorGilbert

The Davidson Case
Heartfelt Cases: Book 3
Author: Julie C. Gilbert
Genre: Christian Mystery
Release Date: May 2014
Presented by: As You Wish Tours


Somebody wants her sister dead …

FBI Special Agent Ann Duncan knows how to face down danger, but once again, she’s not the target. Her baby sister, Joy Davidson, has stumbled upon a conspiracy and made some powerful enemies.

Luck and God’s grace help Ann save her sister the first time, but she knows the bad guys will try again. With Patrick on a university tour and perhaps the most important case of her career weighing upon her mind, Ann must find the strength, wisdom, and heart to find out who wants her sister dead, what Joy discovered, and how to stop the conspirators. Ann instinctively knows that if she fails the Davidson case will only be the first of many tragedies.

About the Author
Julie mainly confines her writing to three genres: Christian inspirational, YA real-world science fiction, and normal science fiction. 

She likes teaching, writing, reading, sleeping, doing puzzles, and hanging out with friends. (Not necessarily in that order)

Writing has made her super picky about the things she reads but normally, her reading list includes something that fits under the thriller, mystery, science fiction, or fantasy.

Occasionally, she attempts short poetry. The poems turn into songs, which she sings with abandon when nobody's looking.

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