Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Rescue Torin in 5 DAYS! #RunesSeries #Seeress @EdnahWalters

Coming April 28th
Runes Series: Book 3

“Breakfast is on the stove,” Femi called from the foot of the stairs when she saw me. She was on her way to Dad’s room with a tray.

“Thanks. Is he up?”

“Yes.” She pushed the door with her shoulder. “Stop by before you leave.”

In other words, he wasn’t ready for company. Femi meant well. She was overprotective of Dad and only allowed me to see him when he was at his best. Most of the time, I didn’t mind. But after last night, I really wanted to see if he was ok.

I wasn’t in the mood for eggs. I dropped frozen waffles in the toaster and finished my drink. Outside, the sun was warming our yard. I wondered how long that was going to last. Six more weeks of school then summer break and my eighteenth birthday. I couldn’t wait.

I had a lot planned for my birthday. For now, I was taking it one day at a time. Dealing with Norns had been rough, but hopefully they were gone. For now anyway. I was under the protection of the gods. All because I would foresee the beginning of Ragnarok, the battle between the gods and the giants, the flooding and destruction of the worlds. It sounded all too surreal. Me, a mere seventeen year old would foresee the exact moment the world ended.

“He’s ready now,” Femi called out, snapping me out of my day dream. I left my bags at the entrance of the portal and went to see Dad. He was listening to an audio book.

“Morning, Daddy. What are you listening to?”

“The book we forgot to read last night.”

“We can continue after school.” He patted my hand and I froze. Funny how a small thing as a touch could mean so much. I smiled and turned my hand to grip his.

“Can you run by the shop after school and see how things are going?” he asked.


“And, uh, ask Jared about tax forms and the inventory. I know it’s asking a lot—”

“It’s okay. I can handle it.” I pressed a kiss on his cheek. “Love you.”

“Same here, kiddo.”

I left his room, grabbed my things and engaged my runes. The runes on the frame responded and the mirror became grainy. “See you later, Femi.”

She blew me a kiss. “Have fun, doll.”

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