Saturday, April 26, 2014

Snuggle with Torin in 2 DAYS! #RunesSeries #Seeress @EdnahWalters

Coming April 28th
Runes Series: Book 3

He winked at me. “Hey, Völva. Why are you with the Valkyries when you could be running on the wild side with us?”

“I’m neutral, Echo. But if I were to choose, I’d be on the humans side.”

Echo smirked. “Uh, the losing side?”

Cora stepped from Echo’s arms. She looked radiant as usual. Hair perfectly curled. Makeup flawless. We hugged.

“Sorry I was MIA over the weekend. Echo hid my phone.”

And she said that while grinning? The girl I knew didn’t take crap from any guy, not even one she was nuts about. “And you let him?”

Cora grinned. “He was being protective and he’s adorable when he shifts into a protective mode.”

Was she serious? Torin was unbearable when it came to protecting me. Made me want to scream.

“I spent Saturday on soul duty,” Cora continued. “I crashed afterwards and didn’t wake up until yesterday afternoon. He was pissed I’d overdone it. Mom thought I was coming down with something and insisted I stay in bed.” She turned and I followed her gaze to Echo. “I didn’t mind.”

I’d bet. Echo and Torin were having an intense conversation by the Harley. Girls walking past turned and stared at them. Seeing the two of them together showed just how different, yet alike they were. They were both tall and in amazing shape. Maybe it was the way they carried themselves, confident and cocky. Whatever it was, it gave them a magnetic aura no woman could resist. But that was where their similarities ended.

Torin had a refinedness that made him slip in and out of any situation, fool anyone that he was just another pretty face, yet in a fraction of a second, turn feral to protect those he loved. Echo, on the other hand, was the kind of guy you met in a crowded room and warning signals went off to run in the opposite direction. Cora had chosen to run toward him instead.

Today, he almost looked like a normal guy in black jeans and a matching T-shirt under his duster. Usually, he preferred leather pants, vest and sailor shirts. So last century. The Druid rings were an on and off thing, but the fingerless gloves, like Torin’s, were on all the time. I didn’t know what that was about.

Torin rocked whatever he wore. The black boots and leather jacket was all kind of sexy, and I loved the way his jeans hung perfectly. If I had to choose between jeans and sweats, sweats won hands down.

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