Sunday, April 27, 2014

Distracted by Torin TOMORROW! #RunesSeries #Seeress @EdnahWalters

Coming April 28th
Runes Series: Book 3

“We’re lucky, aren’t we?” Cora said.

I looped an arm around hers. “Why?”

“Our men have the sexiest asses in the entire universe.”

Trust Cora to say something raunchy. “You’re not lusting after mine, are you?”

She laughed. “Looking, Raine. I’m in love, not blind, but I leave the puppy dog drooling to you. And quit pretending you weren’t checking out my man too. I saw you.”

I laughed. “Let’s go before the bell rings. Torin can be late and get away with it.”

“That’s because he has no problem runing teachers and anyone to get his way while you’re chicken.”

“Cautious, smarty pants. Not the same thing.” We started across the street, but the guys ran to catch up.

“We should let them walk in front of us for better view,” Cora said.

“Better view of what?” Torin asked, coming behind me and putting an around my shoulders.

“Your asses,” Cora said, slipped a hand inside Echo’s back pocket. “We happen to like them.”

My face warmed. Did she have to be so loud? A few girls walking past us giggled.

She threw Torin a glance. “She tries to be subtle, but I know my girl wants you something bad,” Cora added and Echo laughed.

I vowed to smother her when she was asleep and send her soul straight to Hel’s Hall. Unfortunately, that was her man’s home and he’d probably rescue her.

“You’re not subtle, are you, luv?” Torin whispered. “Should I tell her how you—”

I covered his mouth, left Echo and Cora saying their goodbyes at the entrance, and went inside. A blushing Cora caught up with us in the hall, where Torin’s fans waited. He had made history when our football team won state and was considered the golden boy. The darling of Kayville high. I was basking in his glory. The stares from the other students didn’t bother me anymore.

I’d never cared about being popular, but I’d be lying if I said I hated it. Now I understood why girls clawed their way to the top of the social ladder in high school. The attention was addictive. I didn’t even mind the adoring female fans with envious glances.

Okay, that was a stretch. My fingers tightened on the back of Torin’s shirt and I sunk against his side. His arm tightened around my shoulder.

Yeah, back off, piranhas.

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