Tuesday, July 29, 2014

RUNES: Review and Some Important News

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I love reviews, especially those with GIFs, so when I saw this review for RUNES, I just had to share. The review is by Ria of A Bookish Escape. Thanks, Ria for making me laugh.

Valhalla, Odin, Freya, Hel, Valkyries Oh MY!

My head and my heart hurt…Runes was awesome! The ending not so awesome :0( I don’t want to be spoilery but it’s pretty cliffy and not a good situation for my girl Raine. Look that’s not a bad thing but for ME?!!!! Someone with a pretty strict reading schedule it’s a deep burn. Like down to my soul. Lol I wish I could just toss every book in my way through the shredder but no worries my pretties it won’t be long!

Devil Evil animated GIF

R-eality, Raine’s life is about to change. The changes are closer to home than she knows.
U-nique, as far as new transfers go Keyville is loaded with them and one has put a target on Raine.
N-orns, soon Raine will come face to face with her past present and perhaps future.
E-scaping, fate should never be tampered with but Torin’s heart gives him no choice.
S-ecrets, everything has been revealed Raine knows the stakes but is not prepared for the blow fate has in store.

Pum, pum, pum! Okay so confession time, at the beginning I wasn’t in love with Raine. She was very contradictory she would say I’m ignoring them forever and then be all up in the business one second later. I also am not a huge fan of how she handles Eirik, though we get some foreshadowing and a bit of resolution towards the end she still has a ways to go. Raine’s feelings are explained so her actions are justified in a sense but it’s still frustrating. Even through all of that she demonstrates a fire and she loves fiercely so yeah she has a lot of growing to do but she doesn’t have a ceiling and I can’t wait to see her kick butt!

film animated GIF

Torin on the other hand…Love at first sight! His first enemy was himself big on following rules he denied his heart but once he lets go there is no end to what he would sacrifice for Raine. He is awesome I heart him pretty freakin hard! There is a point in the book where he opens up to Raine and its magical!

magic animated GIF

The story wow! Norse Mythology where in fictional lit have you been my whole life? This is the first book I’ve read that has touched on those sexy Northmen and I hope it’s not my last!! ;) Don’t get me wrong my name is Zeus’ mom’s name so... "much love" to Greek mythology but…Thor? yea nuff said ;) I love this concept and Ms Walters nails it I’m dying to continue this series like yesterday so I absolutely recommend it!!! Bravo bravo!

My Rating
4.0 Swim Team, BFFs, Harley, Sapphire, Healing, Norns, Missing, Mirrors, Dance, Jealousy, Sacrifice, Competition, Lightning, Freakshow, Deal, Recruiting, Family Tree, Desperate Plea, Secrets Revealed, Long Awaited Embrace, Shattered Heart, Determined Love filled stars! For a great fantasy/ paranormal read that will have you salivating for more pick this up NOW!!!

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