Sunday, May 6, 2012

A teaser from Betrayed in Bran's POV

From now until Betrayed is released on June 5th, I'll post teasers from Betrayed written in Bran's POV, deleted scenes.  Let me know what you think.

“Your ex-girlfriend has a group?” Lil asked.
She somehow managed to convey annoyance and hurt in the question, her expressive eyes showing just how much the knowledge bothered her. I wanted to take her in my arms and tell there was no one comparable to her. Not now. Not ever.
“She wasn’t my girlfriend. Just someone I hooked up with for a short period. Most demons tend to separate into groups based on loyalty to a Lord or a cause. Coronis had a way of dealing with that.”
“Hooked up with?”
I cupped her cheeks, pressed my forehead against hers and exhaled. “Lil, Coronis made us do all sorts of crazy things as part of our initiation I had no choice in what happened between Solange and me on that island.”
“I’m happy we vanquished Coronis,” she said. “And promise not to stop me from taking out Solange next time we meet.”
I laughed. Vulnerable one minute, a warrior the next, she fascinated me like no woman ever did. Then she smiled, the corners of her lips tilting upwards ever so slightly, her smoky-green eyes sparkling. If I had my sketch pad and pen, I would have captured her breathtaking smile on paper. Instead, I tucked it away for later, leaned in and stole a kiss. Just a brush, but the effect on me was instantaneous. The need for more slammed into me. Her grandfather’s warning flashed through my head, but some things were worth all the trouble in the world. I moved closer for a deeper contact.
She evaded my lips, her eyes no longer teasing. Promise me.
I’d promise her the moon if it meant having her back in my arms. “I promise.”
Now, you can kiss me, she telepathed.
I chuckled, cupped her head, and brushed my thumbs back and forth on her smooth, soft cheeks. Her breath hitched as I leaned in and claim her lips. She was mine, no matter how many little games she played, Lil Falcon was mine.