Friday, November 11, 2011


I'd like to welcome new followers. Thank you for showing interest in the Guardian Leagcy series. I love my characters, and I hope you get a chance to know them.

And as always, I love my regulars for always stopping by and entering my contests. You guys are the best.

Now for the winners. Drum rolls please...

Congrats to:

1. izylight
2. Shelia (ssdawn2001)
3. jen7waters

e-mail me.

Will be back in two weeks with another giveaway, promise. Right now, nano has me in its grip, so I must write...must write....

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  1. Awe... Congrats, what was the giveaway and did I manage to enter.... I'd love a signed copy of your book, book marks, mugs, even a t-shirt... :) I'm not picky... since I believe I have all the Kindle Copies of your books in the Guardian Legacy Series and the Fitzgerald Series... Amazing books love em all... Can't wait for the next Guardian Legacy or the Fitzgerald book to come out!