Monday, July 11, 2011


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BETRAYED (book 2):

Bran Llyr was born and raised among demons—those pesky Nephilim, who go after human souls and cause mayhem around the world. To save his little sister, he risked being vanquished and sought help from the Guardians, the good Nephilim who guard humans and annihilate demons on a daily basis.  What he didn’t plan on was meeting a girl of his dreams, Lil Falcon, or falling in love.

But Lil is no ordinary Guardian. Her father is a nature-bender demon, which makes her powers unique. Throw in the fact that she is the wielder of the Nephilim’s most powerful weapon, the Kris Dagger, and you have a powerful girl both the Guardians and the demons want on their side.

Bran and Lil soon find out that falling in love is about the most dangerous thing they have ever done. Someone very close to Lil is willing to use Bran and his past to lure Lil to the dark side. It will take everything, including putting their souls on the line, to stay one step ahead of the traitor.



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