Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Journey to Publishing

It's been three years since I started the search for a publisher for my YA fantasy book about Guardians/Fallen-Angels/Demons.  I signed up with my dream agent, Leticia, in December and she's been working hard to sell my first book.  I've never had a more hard-working and enthusistic agent work on my behalf.  Finally, three days ago, she sold my book (YEAH!).  Right now it is tentaively named The Awakening.

I was up in Idaho for family reunion when my agent got the offer.  She tried to get a hold of me to no end.  I finally walked to the peer and got some reception and read her e-mail.  Did I scream?  Pinch myself?  You betcha!  Imagine trying to call her from a pier on Lake Pen Oreille where phone comunnication sucks because of the mountains and whatnots.  Still, I got the confirmation and stopped pinchinng myself  long enough to laugh like an idiot.  I had to wait for two days to read the details.

Anyhew, here's a brief summary of the story:

Most teens turn 16 and get the license to drive, Lil gets the license to kill demons. Raised by an eccentric grandfather and used to being alone, she must now train with other teen Guardiansm master her abilities and follow rules set by the Council. Then she meets Bran, a mysterious and gorgeous guy who seems to be in tune with Lil’s emotions. Is he a Guardian or an agent of the demons? And why does he need her help?



  1. ooo definitely sounds like a book I'd read. Can't wait for it to come out. Congrats on getting a publisher, will spread the word on the book. Know when it will be out?

  2. Probably in a couple of months. Keeping fingers crossed.

  3. OOHH my kinda book,keep me updated Id love to read it and review it and share with everyone.. Congrads and good luck with everything..

  4. Congrats on your publishing journey.
    The premise is enticing and will certainly intrigue others as it has me!=)