Monday, August 16, 2010


One good thing about independent publishing is how fast things move once they acquire your book.   Go Pill Hill Press.  The new title is official. AWAKENING is now AWAKENED, Book 1 in THE GUARDIAN LEGACY series. I'm waiting for my final galley and book cover.

Haven't blogged because I spent the last few days working on edits and discussing the art for the cover .  If I can have my way, I'd have a shirtless winged man who looks like Drew Fuller (he was amazing in Charmed).

wearing the Guardian pendant (with a jadeite in the core, not an inner star). 

And carrying a dagger or sword:

Oh well, I can dream right.  More good news coming soon.



  1. Looks like the cover you dreamed of came true! Congratulations. Shari over at

  2. I know. The editor asked me what I wanted and I gave hints...didn't know she'd take some of my ideas...lucky me, huh?