Sunday, September 28, 2014


Tomorrow, Tomorrow, You will love me tomorrow....
It's only a day a-way

Tomorrow is RELEASE DAY! Can you believe it? 
Soon you will have your very own copy of SOULS on your e-reader! I am excited, are you? 
What better way to celebrate the release than with an awesome Party and Giveaways!

Click the images below to go to the Giveaway!

On Monday Sept 29th we are throwing a Release Party on Facebook. I hope you join us for games, prizes and fun from 2pm-10pm EST. Click the image to join us! 

Here is a little excerpt from SOULS for those that have not joined the party yet. 

“But if you’d rather wait, I’ll understand,” Echo said, stroking my neck, his breath fanning the hair on my temple. “Then I’ll do my best to change your mind. It might take several weeks or months, but I can be relentless and very creative.”
I giggled. “Then I’ll wait.”
He grinned. I could tell by the way his lips moved against my forehead. “You want me to change your mind?”
“Why not? Relentless and creative sounds like something I might enjoy,” I said.
He leaned back and peered at me. Runes lit up his face, and a cocky smile curved his lips. “If you knew the naughty things I have planned for you, you’d not be teasing me,” he warned. “We can start now.”
Where the heck did he get his energy? “Can I finish high school first? Maybe get a degree in psychology, too?” I added.
“Sure. I’ll help you study.”
I scoffed at the idea. “That’s a scary thought.”
“Your professors and the students won’t even know I’m there,” he bragged. “I’d be the invisible ghost smacking the guys staring at you.”
I loved the idea, but a girl had to show some pride. “No haunting my college, Echo. Besides, you hate school.”
He smirked. “Ah, but you are the reason for my existence now, doll-face, which means putting your needs first.”
“And whining about it,” I said and traced a line across his chest, still undecided whether to tell him about tonight’s encounter with the dark soul or not. His muscles leaped and responded to my touch.
“I don’t whine. I complain forcefully.” The smile left his face. “You’re beginning to scare me. What is it?”
I could never keep a secret from him when he spoke like he could single-handedly rip apart anyone or anything that hurt me and enjoy every second of it.
“I had a strange visitor tonight,” I said.

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