Sunday, September 21, 2014

BANNED BOOKS ANYONE? Now Available: SOULS by @ednahwalters from bestselling #runesseries


 As an author, I have serious beef with people banning books, so I always participate in this hop. This year is doubly special because it is right before the release of my next book, SOULS.
Did you know that Harry Potter books were banned by so many mayors and heads of school districts? Why? because it teaches kids witchcraft. I wonder what they'd say about my series, which tells readers to believe Norse gods and goddesses are real, and when we die, reapers from Asgard and Hel come to get our souls regardless of your nationality and race.
Anyone who's read the RUNES SERIES, bestselling Norse mythology series ever and a topseller in YA Paranormal Romance knows that GRIMNIRS is Cora's story . It is a spinoff RUNES (Raine/Torin's story) and is considered New Adult. However, I'll always publish clean versions for reader who enjoy both girls' journeys to find true love and doesn't like the level of heat in the original GRIMNIRS books.
The winner of this hop will get:
1)  $10 to buy a banned book

2) kindle-copies of all my books. 

This giveaway is International.
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