Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Teaser Tuesday | Grimnirs #RunesSeries

Title:  Grimnirs
Series:  Runes Series [Book 2.5]
Length: 286 Pages
Genre:  YA Paranormal


“We missed you last week, Ms. Jemison,” Mr. Pepperidge, my English teacher, said, handing me a paper. “Good job on that essay. See me after class.”

I glanced down at the paper. A+. The paper was typed, had my name at the top, and was submitted two weeks ago. More proof I’d been in two places at the same time. Maybe taking psych meds had been good for me because I hadn’t received an A in English since I started high school.

The class was finishing Scarlet Letter, so I was lost and bored. I waited for the students to leave the room then approached the teacher. My heart pounding, I was sure he was going to say I was a fraud. He handed me a copy of the book.

“Read it and choose two characters or events in the story and demonstrate how Hawthorne describes them from different points of view and how this affects your impression of them. It’s nothing big, just a short essay.”

“Thanks, Mr. P.” I put the book on top of my folder.

He smiled. “I think you should seriously consider taking AP English literature and composition next year. Your writing has improved tremendously in the last month.”

“Okay, I will,” I fibbed and hurried out of the classroom.

Every class after that was the same. I’d become an exemplary student. A genius. Even math, my most hated subject. I had aced every quiz, test, and homework assignment. The handwriting on handwritten tests was mine down to the way I wrote uppercase L so it looked like the English pound sign minus the short horizontal line.

Either Echo had been right all along and I never really left until last week, or my astral projection had attended classes while I was trapped behind PMI walls. I was going with the latter because there was no way that annoying reaper could have been my lover.

After what Kicker had told me, I was feeling a little charitable toward Raine, but I wasn’t ready to be pals yet. Twice, between classes, I saw her, and each time she smiled. I ignored her, or tried to. It wasn’t easy. We’d been friends since junior high and had shared so much.

I was putting my books away before heading to lunch when she and her boyfriend cornered me. He was more striking in person than in the pictures online and had amazing blue eyes, yet something in them reminded me of Echo. Maybe it was the alertness or the edginess pulsing from him.