Monday, October 31, 2011

Unveiling the new cover of Betrayed


Woohoo, I seriously don't know where to begin. I write two genres, adult contemporary romance and YA fantasy. Marketing both became such a nightmare I couldn't write, so when my super talented agent, way to go Leticia, called me with the news that she'd gotten a 4-book deal for me, I was, like, you're sh*tting me.

Anyway, to cut the narration short, I signed up with Kate Kaynak of Spencer Hill Press, the talented editor who brought you Ganzfield series and Covenant series by Jennifer Armentrout to name a few.

First, they are re-issuing Betrayed, making it available at bookstores and shopping outlets. Then I saw the new cover...I was blown away.

Awakened (the prequel)   Betrayed  (book 1)

Okay, will keep you informed.  Meanwhile, I'm busy working on Hunted, the next book in the series. Expect a booktrailer soon


  1. That is wow...I can't really find proper words.

  2. Wow...*jaw drops to floor* I LOVE it! I'm speechless.

  3. This couldn't have happened to a busier and talented writer! Congratulations!

    Love the new cover:)


  4. Congratulations! I love this new cover. It's gorgeous! And joining Spencer Hill Press is super awesome.