Monday, April 11, 2011

Cover of BETRAYRED and a teaser

Okay, finally, the power-that-be is happy with the cover and now I can unveil it.  Going with the theme of the first cover, Bran must absolutely be there (sigh...those eyes), wings and all, and they got the perfect girl for Lil (crazy red hair included):


Instead of heading toward the entrance, Bran stopped. “I’m taking you home so I can search for Remy and the others.”

Scowling, I faced him. I hated when he used that arrogant tone, like he knew what was better for me than I did. “Why?”

He pointed back at the alley. “Remember that? Demons are after you, Lil. I had no idea how badly until tonight. Soon, Valafar won’t have Dante on the sidelines watching over you. He’ll send him to come for you, and there’s no way I’m letting that happen.”

“You? But you saw what I can do. What we can do together. I’m stronger and keep getting better at controlling my powers every day. The demons don’t know that. Even Valafar’s people don’t. That’s why they keep acting like I’m helpless, like I’m someone who needs to be protected all the time. I don’t expect that from you, too,” I griped in an uneven tone, so annoyed I could zap him. He needed to stop treating me like a helpless person.

He took a deep breath and winced. “Forgive me for seeing you as the girl I love first and the Chosen One second.”

He didn’t fight fair. When he winced again, I reached for his arm. “You’re hurt.”

“I’m fine.”                                                                            

“The dagger is healing me, Bran. Maybe if we blended our energies, just this once, we can share its healing power.”

He took a step away from me and shook his head. “No. We can’t.”

I blinked, throat thickening at the rejection. “Why can’t we link or blend our energies. What’s going on?”

He just forked his fingers though his hair and grimaced. “I can’t make you understand.”

“Try me,” I retorted.
“Not now, Lil.”
I took a deep breath, anger churning inside of me. Why couldn’t he tell me what was going on? Blending energies was the purest form of connection, especially for him and me because our energies matched. It was more intimate than kissing or anything we’d ever done. I clamped down on the anger and the pain.
“You know what, Bran? Fine. Keep your stupid secrets.”
“Thank you,” he answered flippantly.


  1. OOOOH I want to read NOW!!! LOVE the cover & cant wait for this to come out!!! Wahoooooooo!!!

  2. *Jumps up and down excitedly*
    I can't wait for it's release. You are terribly evil, Ednah, for teasing us like this. I love the cover, by the way. *sigh* Bran is dreamy but Sykes is who i want, paws off ladies!

    -Mocha from A Cupcake and A Latte.

  3. Nice cover!!! Cool to have actual peoe on it! Can't wait for the book!!

  4. Congratulations on the great cover! I can only imagine the Christmas like excitement you feel. :)
    Jennifer Kjovus

  5. Thanks, ladies. Yes, Leilani, I did insist on real pple instead of a painting.

  6. :O) Happy dance I love the cover !! and the teaser !! what a teaser !!! I so cant wait !!! Looks like things are in motion ;)

    :) I like the new look Btw I still love awakened cover !! but this is fresh new and exciting !!

    Love kat ;)

  7. Fabulous cover and loved the excerpt! I can't wait to read Betrayed!

  8. Yay!!! I can't wait! I'm so excited to read it!

  9. Congratulations, Ednah!!! The cover is fantastic!!

    Loved the teaser, and now I can't wait to read more *lol* That's the real meaning of teasers, huh?!

    Success to you on the new book, dear!!

  10. Congratulations!!! The cover is amazing.


  12. Oh.My.Godness!!. could you be more of a teaser please??I couldn't help but read it even if I haven't read the first one yet!T_T!!!

  13. I love the cover and thanks for the great excerpt!

  14. Finally, the full cover revealed. Love it!