Thursday, February 24, 2011

Just~for~fun Giveaway.

Welcome to Just~for~fun Giveaway.  2 winners will get copies of Awakened and 2 more will get GL mugs.  As always, THANK YOU for following my blog and for your support. 
AWAKENEDMost teens turn sixteen and get the license to drive, Lil Falcon gets the license to kill demons, but no one told her she is not supposed to fall in love with one (Bran)....
Awakened is now available on Kindle and Nook, too.

BETRAYED (coming soon): Lil has come to terms with her life as a Guardian/demon hunter and the wielder of the Nephilim most powerful weapon. But trouble looms in the Guardian enclave.  Bran is pulling away and Lil's best human friend is in trouble.  While Lil struggles to cope, she soon realizes someone close to her is behind what's happening and will stop at nothing (including hurting those she loves) to lure her to the dark side.

1. Two readers will win a signed copy of Awakened and several Guardian Legacy fridge magnets.
2.  Two more readers will win Guardian Legacy mug and fridge magnets.

Contest isfor US/CANADA this time
-Giveaway runs from Thursday, February 25rd to March 5th.
-Winners will be announced on March 6th.

To enter: (must be a blog follower)
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  2. Wow! What a great cover. Sounds like a great story and I can't wait to read Awakened.


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  8. OMG I want this book so bad! I have heard nothing but great things about it and would love to bury myself in it. Thanks for another great giveaway. You are awesome!!!!

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  14. Yay! Giveaway!
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  15. awesome give awya i sooo want one of those mugs

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  16. Sounds like an awesome giveaway. The books look really good can;t wait to read them. :)
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  19. I'm a follower here and on facebook. I'm just commenting to let you know, you can never go wrong with putting a gorgeous guy on the front of your book to help sell it. I'm loving Awakened! It's great!


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  22. OMG, I have been dying for BETRAYED for what seems like forever. I SO CAN"T WAIT TO READ IT. The trailer just made my need

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  36. this sounds so exciting! I will have a new ook to purchase after I am done with The Tiger`s Curse! tanks for friending me.

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