Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Wednesday Thoughts, #goals #Runes #Immortals #GuardianLegacy @yaednah_walters

1. I have a trailer reveal of Runes (book #1) next week on Monday. I'm super excited about that

2. I just finished Immortals (book #2) and sent it off to my editor.

3. I'm back working on Forgotten, the next GL book.

                  I am at 20,000 words, 80,000 to go.

4. I'm also writing the next Fitzgerald book (my adult romance). It is tentatively titled Surrender to Love.

5. If I finish the two books in the next 2-3 months, I plan on writing book #3 of the Runes series and then a NA story that's driving me nuts.

6. Winner of the Spring Hop which ended yesterday is Hannah Peasha. Congrats, Hannah. I hope you got my e-mail


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