Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Fast Drafting With My Critique Group...Halfway there...

Okay, so I neglected my blog for over a month when I released my adult contemporary romance to do a little marketing, but I'm back.

Quick Updates:

1. Hunted has gone through final edits and is with my wonderful editor, so expect a cover reveal soon.

2. The runes story I mentioned before will be done by the end of the month. It had better be. I'm having so much fun writing it. This is where I'm at as of this morning:

The book is more New Age YA paranormal romance and the hero is to die for. I love dark, bad boy heroes. I swore I'd never write a love triangle but Sayre is already in Raine's life before mysterious Torin St. James appears and here I am, a hapless writer forced to deal with these three.
3. I had to pause writing Forgotten, the next Guardian Legacy book, to fine the runes story but I promise to continue it in Decemember. I have a self-imposed deadline on it too.
4. I've learned to turn off my inner editor about 90% of the time when I fast draft. I tend to have a moment of clarity while in the middle of writing a scene then have to go back and add a little bit in the previous scenes and end up fixing a few more scenes here and there before my oops moment and go back to fast-drafting.
Anyone doing Nano?
How do you turn off your inner editor?
5. If you read contemporary romance, stop by my other blog and enter the contest on Goodreads to win a signed copy.



  1. I need more Guardian Legacy books! :)

    I'm not doing NaNo but on Monday I started two new books. I wasn't planning on it. It just sort of happened. One is taking over already, and I'm okay with that. As long as I'm writing, I'm happy.

    Good luck with your manuscripts, Ednah.

    1. We're not really doing regular NaNo coz my crit partners are too busy, so we're doing one of our own. Two books? Knowing you, it will be a breeze. You amaze me.

  2. I'm nano-ing this year, and wow, it's hard turning off my internal editor. I haven't gone really far in my wordcount either. Quite frustrating! Hope to catch up soon.

    All the best with your stories!

  3. Good luck Cecilia. Yeah, the dang inner editor keeps interrupting but we'll keep chugging along. Keep at it and Good luck!!

  4. I am doing Nano. Sounds like you've been super-busy with creative projects. I am recovering from being without power for days due to Hurricane Sandy. Back on the grid, thankfully.