Thursday, November 4, 2010

AWAKENED~signed book, swags and interviews

For those who've just joined my blog and would like to get a copy of AWAKENED, I'm willing to send the first five bloggers signed copies if they can host a character interview (or boring me interview, lol) or a Q&A on your blog, Goodreads or FB page. 

This would also guarantee you an entry into the KINDLE (wireless reading device) giveaway coming soon in celebration of Awakened's release in kindle.  The Kindle comp will be for fans who've read Awakened. 

Leave a comment  or e-mail me, so we can set a date.

Please spread the word about the offer. Each hostess will get combinations of: Guardian Legacy pen, mousepad, notepad, mug, keychain, and reading bag.  If you miss out on the book, you can still give out swags.  Nice deal, yeah?


  1. Hey Ednah!

    I'm from Murphy's Library - - and we (Maeva and I) would love to host you. ;)

  2. I would love to do it!

  3. Guta and BJ, thanks for your support. E-mail me at

  4. I would love to! You can choose whatever feature you would like for my blog! Thanks so much for the chance!

    Theresa @
    the_happy_soul at yahoo dot com

  5. Hi! My friend and I just started our book group about two weeks ago and Awakened is the next book on our reading list. We would love love love to do a character or author interview! We're pretty small right now since we're new to the blog world so we completely understand if you want to do it with bigger sites!

    Thank you!


  6. I would love to do it. I loved the book and can't wait to read more.

  7. Teresa,HBookers and Bookwoman, you're in for the signed Awakened. And Brandi, big or small, I don't descriminate, hun. E-mail me at and let's discuss the details and dates.

    Anyone who posts after this can still get swags and hopefully *hopeful expression* still want to host me or do character interview.

    Also, I'll personally remind you when I have the kindles contest up. Just rem, the contest if for those who've read Awakened.

  8. I'd love to host an interview in my blog

    Thanks for the chance :)
    entrelibros_blog at

  9. I have already done a character interview on my blog. They are a lot of fun!


  10. I know that I am not in the top five. But if you would like to expand or keep me in mind for the future. I would love to do it.

    ke7yca at gmail dot com

  11. Okay, Sharli, Jessica and Lisa. E-mail me, okay?

    Lisa, do you still want to do an interview and give your readers some swags?? And yes, I'll kee you in mind for Betrayed, book 2.

  12. I'd love to! I'm Reading Angel
    I'd love to read and review your book and do whatever interview and promotions you would like!

  13. Looks like you got the readers you want. If you still have a need for reviews, let me know. I'd love to help out.


  14. I sent you an email like you asked ;)

  15. I stumbled upon this a little late for the book but would still love to do an interview with you or your character. I've read some of your other interviews and anyone who's a fan of Supernatural is alright in my book. My blog is Down The Rabbit Hole and my e-mail is Just let me know if you'd still be interested!

  16. Little late for me! But, hey! If your looking to fill a blog tour, I can totally help you out! Review, Interview, Character Interview, guest Post ...anything!


  17. I'm out of books but I have swags and I'd still love to do an interview or character interview, so Kate, A.J., Taffy and Reading angel...e-mail me. Okay.

    Guta, I got your e-mail, will respond first thing tomorrow morning. Right now, I'm on Mom duty...reading, last minute homework and projects...sigh. Thanks guys for responding.


  18. :) OOHHH Awakened on Kindle.. I so want Santa to buy me one for Christmas,, * Id buy it on Kindle just to have it :)
    Good luck Ednah with Awakened, with so many wonderful bloggers Im sure the word will spread quickly !!! Please... bloggers to spread the world of Awakened Please *with cherries on top* direct some traffic to *The Official Fan page of Ednah Walters on face book *.. ;)as well as Ednahs facebook page.. The more the merrier..

  19. We'd love to interview you!
    bookscompleteme @

  20. Sadly I missed this top 5 bloggers but I would still be interested in hosting an interview! Please email me (Christinabean) at clderwee at gmail dot com for our blog - The Paperback Princesses (

  21. Would love to your chosen winner. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway.

    dianad8008 AT gmail DOT com

  22. How sad! I was late to get all these great items.
    I love Awakened! I finished reading the book and I'm dying to read Betrayed. I hope to write my review soon.