Wednesday, September 1, 2010


OMG!!!  The 4 weeks I was told I had to wait until the book is released just turned into 4 days.  I got a call from my editor with the news that Awakened is now available on Amazon.  Soon it will appear on Barnes&Nobles, Borders and Waterstones for UK readers.  Yippeee! 

Should I remove the dust off the pom-poms and start cheering?  Heck no.  Honestly, when I first heard the news, I was, no, no, this ain't hap'ning.  I need the four weeks to get the freaken word out there!!  I need more time!  More than 24 hours in a day!  How many times have we said these words when things are spiraling out of control.  Yep, that's exactly how I felt.

Guess what I'm doing while writing this.  I dare you.

Eating caramel macchiato ice-cream.  Amazing how that kind of decadence makes all the problems disappear.  I know, I know, that won't hold the demons at bay forever, but it sure beats screaming.  And I should be thrilled beyond words...I am.  I am.  Seriously, I...AM.  I'm just a bit overwhelmed right now.

I swore today was the day I'd go back to writing.  I'd ordered the rest of goodies for giveaways...see below.  Ordered more ARCs for bloggers and librarians, and all I needed to do was wait for some of the reviews to come in and call it good.  SIGH.


Sooooo, I'm going to finish the pint of ice-cream while watching The Big Bang Theory.  How's that for a perfect remedy.  Promise me ladies you'll show me some love and spread the word.  k??.


  1. YAY! Im so happy for you! Im sure everyone will love it!
    Yummm, that sounds really good!

    Oooohhh, they all look good!


  2. That's so amazing! =D I am so excited to read Awakened!! The cover is gorgeous and i'm sure the writing is just as amazing! I will be spreading the word to everyone after I finish reading and reviewing. =)


  3. WhOoOO HoOoOoO... Weee Heeee!!=)

    Great news indeed!=) The Prizes are top notch!

  4. That's awesome news! Congratulations! :D

  5. Thanks you ladies, I'm back online after stuffing my face. Now off to FB and Goodreads for a spell before I call it a night.

  6. Go Ednah!! Rock the world up!!
    Congrats on the release - you deserve all the success of the world!
    Oh, if you want to have Awakened featured a Tuesday on my blog, just let me know, k?

  7. Congratulations on the release, Ednah! the goodies look so pretty. I want the mug! =) I'd love to help spread the word on this book , please let me know if you'd like to!

  8. Sure Kai and Zaynah. That would be great. I'll be in touch.

  9. Very cool prizes! Good work, Ednah. I'm proud of you.